“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy – this is success!” – Sasha Azevedo

Career Coaching

Career coaching can be really useful for giving people a general idea about what they might be good at and helps one learn how to explore career opportunities, choose the right career or job, investigate potential measures and occupations etc. If one is in a rut and is not sure of what to do for a living, perhaps career coaching may help the most.

In all our coaching, we use a combination of psychometric profiling to help you recognise your preferences and what kind of profession or role or environment would be important for you in sourcing a suitable career and individual life coaching to facilitate a process of identifying your key goals in life and your plans to help get you there.

Team Effectiveness
Experienced Individuals:

Careers cannot be taken for granted. They are the bread and butter that make us unique. A career coaching session can be very useful to help organise ones thoughts and ideas on decisions regarding career.

Career coaching connects people with their passion, purpose, values, and other critical aspects of their ideal work. Psychometric profiling is a useful first step in clarifying natural versus learned preferences. The desired outcomes of career coaching include enhanced client self-awareness, clarity about their life purpose and goals and an increased ability to be effective in today’s changing workplace to manage their own career.


Often students are at a crossroads when it comes to choosing subjects for their Leaving Cert. They either blindly follow their other classmates or surrender meekly to their parents, who may force their opinions on them.

Career coaching can play a vital role in helping these students to make a right choice.

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