HR consultancy for businesses in Galway city and county

Welcome to Silverleaf HR Solutions

Silverleaf HR Solutions is a Galway based HR Consultancy working with a wide client base across Ireland whose primary focus is on optimising performance of the individual, the team and ultimately the organisation.

Being successful as a business requires continuously re-inventing and re-evaluating your business proposition. We can work with you to provide support for your organisation as your team adapts to change. We work closely with Management to ensure your HR Processes and Systems are effectively delivering the results you expect.

We use team profiling tools such as Belbin, DiSC and Myers-Briggs to help teams appreciate their strengths and opportunities in order to maximise their own effectiveness and optimise team performance. These tools can also be used as valuable tools in the selection process, to best align the right talent and fit for your organisation.

Telephone: 087 - 6441111 Email: LinkdInAnn Keevans

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