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Why Use Silverleaf HR Solutions:

    Present and most recent work:
    • Provided HR expertise with individual organisations – including managing recruitment and selection process end-to-end, reviewed and revised employment contracts with employees, revised employee handbooks, policies and procedures, etc.
    • Facilitated “Adapting through Change” and “Coaching others through Change” workshops with Management and Teams.
    • Provided individual and team coaching with the aim of improving workplace effectiveness and performance.
    • Facilitated Belbin Team-Building workshops and forward planning activity designed to address any road-blocks preventing achievement of team goals.
    • Facilitated formal bullying and harassment investigation.
    • Mediation of work-place disputes.
    • Administered psychometric profiling process for senior management and executive selection process.
    • Facilitated Franklin Covey One day Associate Workshop on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with people managers.
    • EQI Profiling (Emotional Intelligence) with Managers.
    • Executive Coaching with Senior Leaders
    • External Auditor for HR and Training Process and Systems.
    • Outplacement Consultant for Corporate Redundancy Programmes.

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